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Kenora, (Near Minaki)
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Canada Fishing Trip

Walleye Pike
Northern Pike
Smallmouth Bass

Fish the waters of
the Winnipeg River,
Ontario Canada
with the Hawthorne Fishing Club
There are no membership fees
See some pictures from our fishing trip
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Cath a Northern Pike on a Canada Fishing Trip.
Trip departs Saturday July 23 and return on Sunday, July 31, 2016.
Some of the finest Walleye fishing in Canada; Gateway to the Winnipeg River (Tetu Lakes). K.C.R. Camp is ideally located for your fishing vacation. Directly from K.C.R. Camps dock you will have on-the-water access to miles and miles of water teeming with Walleye, Northern Pike and Smallmouth Bass. This is what you've been looking for in a remote bus ride to a Canadian Fishing Resort housed on its own island. The camp is located 54 miles north of Kenora, Ontario on the famous Winnipeg River, where you have to ride 6 miles by boat to reach the island.
Enjoy motorcoach comfort, round trip from Cary Illinois to K.C.R. Camp Kenora, Ontario Canada. You will want to reserve the last full week in July. We will leave the Chicago area (Cary) on Saturday, July 23 and return on Sunday, July 31, 2016 .
Our yearly bus trip for some fine Canada fishing. Our Illinois group took the bus for some great Canada fishing.
Time for shore lunch in Canada.

Can you smell that fresh walleye and northern pike cooking on the open fire?
Shore lunch talk.
Some good fishing stories to be heard.
about our Canadian fishing trips.

Come on and join us on our
Canada Fishing Trip to Ontario
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Hawthorne Fishing Club Bus Fishing Trip Canada

Hawthorne Fishing Club has a yearly fishing trip to Ontario Canada via motorcoach.

The charter bus trip leaves Cary Illinois headed for a week of fishing in Ontario Canada. This year we will fish the Winnipeg River ( Tetu Lakes ) and surrounding water system. Fishing in Canada will be an enjoyable time as you catch Walleye Pike, Northern Pike and Smallmouth Bass. Usually in the morning, Walleye fishing is done so that the K.C.R. Camp guides have tasty fish to prepare for a great shore lunch. The Hawthorne Fishing Club has one of the best fishing bus trips in the Chicago area.
This is a private club, but guest are welcome to join the clubs tour group on this charter bus trip to Canada. There are no membership fees for new members who join us on this charter bus trip. The coach ride takes about 18 hours with some stops on the way. Come fishing with us in Canada.

Join our Canada Fishing Trip by bus
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Pictures From Our Canada Fishing Trips
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Short Movie Clips From 2011 Fishing Trip to Canada

Canada Fiching Trip
New Guest are Welcome

Hawthorne Fishing Club will board a motorcoach charter bus in Cary Illinois bound for the K.C.R. Camp on the Winnipeg River and Tetu Lakes in Ontario Canada. This trip is for a week of fishing on the river, lakes and bays... We will fish for northern pike, walleye and bass.

Canada Fishing Trip by Bus from Chicago
Coach American and Hawthorne Fishing Club yearly fishing trip to Canada by charter bus from Illinois.
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